Divine Healing

Divine healing is a powerful and transformational modality to heal every aspect of your being, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It is based on the Spiritual law “'Ask and you shall receive'.” It enables quick and effective identification and clearing of core negative patterns and programmes blocking you from being your True Self.

Are you...

  • Tired of struggling with the same issues making you feel frustrated, anxious, stressed and powerless.

  • Uncertain about what's getting in your way and doubt, fears, insecurities and negativity are controlling your life.

  • Feeling undervalued, unfulfilled and unable to get your needs and desires met.

  • Feeling stuck in your life and your emotions are getting the better of you. 

  • Trapped in unhealthy relationships and can't experience the love you desire.

Divine Healing can help you to release:

  • fears and phobias

  • negative judgements and beliefs

  • unhealthy subconscious patterns and behaviours 

  • blocked energy in the chakras

  • physical, mental and emotional balance

  • inherited ancestral programmes

  • unresolved past life issues

  • soul programmes

  • shock and trauma

  • weight, food and hunger

  • drug and alcohol addiction

  • grief

   ....and a great deal more

In a Divine Healing session...

We will address the recurring behavioural patterns and habits which are deep-seated in your subconsciousness or even unconsciousness, patterns that are having a severe negative impact on your life.

I will hold a safe gentle space and guide you to the root cause of your issues and clear layers of suppressed trauma, blocked emotions and unprocessed pain. Thus starting the process of healing and transforming your life from the inside, out. 

Once cleared you feel happier, healthier and empowered

to move forward in life.

Image by Owen Yin

Imagine letting go of your fears doubts, insecurities and negativity...

By letting go you will feel uplifted, regenerated, and rejuvenated to move forward in life with a new way of being.

Divine Healing is the tool that makes your dreams and visions into reality.


Divine healing opens doors to reclaim your power, creativity, brilliance and dreams.

Beautiful, graceful, and powerful is how I would describe my healing session with Gurleen. She beautifully holds a safe space to heal deeply and miraculously. Gurleen is intuitive, patient, loving and kind. I’m so thankful she uses her gifts to help others. I would highly recommend working with Gurleen.

 - April Elias

Shades of White Stone

What a beautiful healing! With Gurleen's Intuitive abilities and her desire to hold a warm and inviting space. My experience with her and the divine healing sessions was so impactful. I felt an immediate difference. Thank you Gurleen.

- Connie Allsop

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Divine Healing work?


The healing works on many different levels- the body, mind, emotions and Soul. It addresses and brings to light, issues arising from this or previous lifetimes which are keeping you stuck in life. In a session we connect to the highest part of your being to access information about what needs to be healed. I will use command codes to clear and release the root cause of your issues.


What should I expect during a session?


In a session we will identify core negative patterns running in your life and bring them to your conscious awareness. I will hold a safe loving gentle space and with ease and grace will release and clear these recurring patterns which are holding you back from having the life of your dreams and desires.


How can you heal via a laptop?


There is ultimately no space and time. Everything is connected as we are one Great Soul. Distance energy healing is just as powerful as in person session. The session offers a more powerful emotional release because you feel completely safe and secure in your own home or space.

What are your qualifications?


I am a certified Divine Healing practitioner ( see credentials ) with over 250 h0urs experience. 

How long is a session?


The session is for 2 hours and is conducted over Zoom.


Cancellation policy: 48 Hours.

*If you are unable to find the time that works with your schedule please send me an email to gurleenhealing and we can work together to find a time that fits you.