Value That Which You Are

Are you ready to empower a new highest version of yourself, by transforming trauma into trust, joy and freedom?


Are you seeking a deeper purpose in life and would you like to value that which you are, to find a clear direction and deeper meaning beyond your day to day life.

To unlock your personal power so you can create the vision that you see in your heart with ease.

Join my 1-2-1 healing and mentorship program.

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You were born to be free and release the invisible shackles holding you back, so you can claim

your freedom now.

Client testimonial

The steps to accessing your success are:

  • Turning your pain into power

  • Igniting your essence 

  • Unleashing your highest potential

  • Feeling liberated from within

  • Healing your past

  • Empowering your present

  • Deciding on your future 

I help women to reclaim their personal power and ignite their true essence through deep inner work and guidance


I offer a safe sacred place for women to let go, grow and be true to their unique selves


I will walk the path with you empowering you on your journey to be the highest version of yourself

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An introduction to my 1-2-1 healing
and mentorship program

Having experienced a wonderful divine healing session with Gurleen, it has been an uplifting, freeing and informative; although mentally I felt myself moving forward, physically I wasn't and I never knew why, I didn't know what was holding me back. However through, the sessions and subsequently after I felt a release from the invisible shackles, an exhilarating breath of fresh air allowing me to breathe deeply and fully for what seemed the very first time. During my sessions I felt nurtured, gently encouraged and guided, within a space filled with trust, care and understanding.

Gurleen has a beautiful way about her and I instantly felt relaxed and had the ability to be "open" with my conversation, thoughts and feelings. I would highly recommend Divine Healing with Gurleen.

Kelz Belz


"This Program has helped me tremendously. I was feeling stuck in my life. You have  opened my heart and I have grown as a person. I have deeper connection in my relationships. I have wonderful opportunities coming my way with regards to my work. I believe in my potential and feel confident in my abilities. You have helped me in a lot more ways than you can think. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to move forward and change their lives for the better."

Emine Mustafa

I can truly say that I am now living the life which I always imagined. I am joyful, confident, healthy, at peace and living a fulfilled life of purpose and meaning. I love my work and wake up excited every morning knowing that I can help women to transform their lives from the inside out.


I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would one day be empowering women. For the longest time I suffered with feelings of inferiority and crippling self doubt. I did not feel capable or clever enough to achieve what I have always wanted. Despite appearing to be well put together on the outside, inside, I was paralysed by deep fears and insecurities. 


Born in an Indian culture where girls are often not wanted and women are suppressed as second class citizens in a very patriarchal society, I was raised to be the “good girl” and “people pleaser”. 


As an adult I unconsciously gave my Power away to other people, constantly seeking approval and validation. I had suppressed my voice for so long that I could not speak up about my feelings and desires. I kept myself small and limited. I had years of inner turmoil which left me very angry, bitter, resentful, frustrated and sad.


I did not trust in my capabilities. I did not value myself.

I knew something had to change.

I made the decision to change myself.


I have been on my healing journey for the past decade, healing, learning and experiencing various therapies and modalities. The more I healed, the more I connected to my authentic Self, the more I honoured my Truth and experienced more Self Love.


And here's what I know. 


Your personal power is a reflection of how much you truly

value that which you are.


I have created this one to one healing and mentorship program where I will hold the space for you to heal and empower you to move forward in your life with clarity, awareness and confidence.

To start your application, click the button below. You will be guided

to book your initial empowerment call with me.

I look forward to speaking with you.

With this deep inner work you will learn how to navigate your life for successful outcomes. Because it will upgrade your internal vibration and therefore your ability to access and embody your future success now.

Who is this for ...

Women who are ready and willing to take action to transform their lives


Women who have tried conventional therapy and feel

it no longer serves them

Women who are going through life altering changes, and

need safe non judgemental support 


Women who are ready to let go of anything holding them back

to achieve their visions


Women that are dealing with personal changes in their relationships

or profound loss

Who is this not for ...

Women who are afraid of change and being vulnerable


Women who are not open to trying new therapies


Women who are not willing to do self development work


Women who are not willing to make changes in their lives

Women who want a quick fix


Here is what is included:


1 Soul Contract Reading

5 Divine Healing Sessions 

Things that you will release, trauma, feelings of not being good

enough, inferiority and unworthiness

All sessions take place on Zoom.

Audio messaging support  // Mon-Fri 10-6pm

Investment: ££1,222