Soul Contract Readings

Discover the Spiritual Map of your Life hidden in your birth name and gain Clarity, Understanding and Direction. Embark on a journey of Deep Self Discovery.

Align with your Highest Truth, Step into your Spiritual Power and Create a life full of Joy, Peace and Bliss.

Are you looking for answers to:

  • Why your life has been the way it's been with constant challenges and difficulties.

  • Is there more to life than what you have already experienced.

  • Guidance on how to overcome issues and move forward.

  • What are you meant to be doing here.

  • Understand your life purpose.

Join me on a journey of going deeper into the mystery of your life.


Where you will:

  • Discover the precise strategy and solutions for overcoming your greatest challenges in life.

  • Express your natural talents and abilities in a deeper way.

  • Start manifesting your heartfelt dreams and goals.

  • Learn how to create better and more fulfilling relationships

So that you can enjoy that deeply fulfilled life that you

have always desired.

  • Reveal the Truth of how your life is really meant to work.

  • Who you Truly are and Who you are meant to Become.

  • Empower you to manifest your hidden Soul Purpose.

Empowering Spiritual Seekers to Manifest

their Soul Purpose.

My Soul Contract Reading with Gurleen was incredibly powerful and revealing. She was kind, intuitive and insightful. She is a naturally warm and compassionate person, I highly recommend this experience to anyone seeking a clearer understanding of themselves.

- Geraldine Osborne -Young

Image by Ben Maguire

My Soul Contract Reading with Gurleen was absolutely incredible. It gave me so much clarity and understanding of my life and why I've had certain experiences. All of a sudden my life made more sense! And when she got to my soul purpose, I had goosebumps and I was so excited to get deeper into contact with my soul. I would highly recommend her sessions. 

- Simona Dorackova

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required of me for the session?


I will require your Official Birth Certificate Name. Your name contains the vibration of all the physical and spiritual experiences your Soul has set out to have in this lifetime.The energies of these experiences is encoded in your Birth Name.


What happens in a session?


In a session we will explore...


  • The challenges operating in your life and get clarity on how to resolve them

  • What you can do to clear negative patterns and bring greater peace and wellbeing in your life.

  • The talents and abilities you are blessed with so you can use them to bring more ease and joy

  • Information about your goals so that you have a clear sense of direction.

  • Awareness of your life purpose and what you are truly here to do.


What are your qualifications?


I am a certified Soul Contract Reading practitioner with over 250 h0urs ( see my credentials )

How long is the session?

The session is 1.5 hours long and is conducted via Zoom.

Cancellation policy: 48 Hours.

*If you are unable to find the time that works with your schedule please send me an email to gurleenhealing and we can work together to find a time that fits you.