What is Personal Power?

When I started to write this post I had to think deeply about “What is our personal Power”.

Personal Power is …….

  • Taking responsibility for your own actions and choices

  • No longer seeking for approval and validation from other people

  • Stopping being a “people pleaser” and learning to say “No”

  • Putting a stop to people abusing you for your time and energy

  • No longer allowing people to misuse your “niceness” and your “overgiving” nature

  • Honouring your “values” and “integrity”

  • Connecting to your Authentic Self

Your Power is a reflection of how much you truly value your own Self worth.

Empower yourself by working on the issues standing in the way of your feelings of being a victim of your life.

As a Empowerment Mentor, I can help you to bring your Power back home to you and create a life you truly deserve in this lifetime

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