Self imposed limitations, negative thought-forms and conditioned thinking

Close your eyes and imagine yourself to be sitting in a cage with a Big lock on it. The cage is your self imposed limitations, negative thoughtforms and conditioned thinking.

You feel trapped, frustrated, angry, sad, powerless, helpless.You are stuck in this cage engulfed with self doubt and fear.

You are looking at the world from inside your cage and see everyone fulfilling their dreams and desires.

The root cause of these negative emotions is your unresolved trauma and pain which weaves itself into the very fabric of your being, keeping you stuck, small and limited.

You wish you had the key to free yourself from the shackles of your pain and suffering.

Divine healing is the key that opens the lock to your liberation and personal power.

In a 2 hour session I will gently and effectively identify and clear core negative patterns that are blocking you from the life you deserve to have.

Once cleared you feel free and empowered to move forward in life with joy, vitality and bliss

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