Limitations are restrictions

Limitations are restrictions you have put upon yourself because you believe that you are not “capable” or “good enough” or “don’t have it in you” to do what you truly desire.

You have convinced yourself that other people are more clever, capable, better at everything compared to you.

Your conditioning plays a major role in keeping you small and limited.

The root cause is often “fear of failure or rejection” which keeps you stuck in your mental cage of misery and frustration.

In order to break free from your self imposed limitations you need to clear them from your subconsciousness.

You are NOT this scared, fearful, small, incapable woman that you have convinced yourself to be.

You are powerful beyond measure 🧚‍♀️

I can help you to clear your limitations so you can empower yourself to be limitless 🙌🦋

Please check out my website (see bio) for more details or DM me

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