Life is a series of challenging and happy events

Life is a series of challenging and happy events. When we are given or achieve what we want in our life, we feel happy, joyful and ecstatic.

When a situation arises where we don't have the physical, mental or emotional capacity to cope with it, we label it difficult or challenging. These situations trigger the negative emotions of anger, sadness, despair and hopelessness in us.

In these difficult moments in our lives we start to question “God” asking him “Why Me”.” What have I done wrong.” “Why are you punishing me.”

And some challenges will be so overwhelming to deal with, they will have a severe negative impact on every aspect of your being.

These periods will be the most stressful and restless but they are our opportunity to learn and grow from them. They are lessons placed in our life to make an internal change. We never learn when we are comfortable and complacent in our lives.

Challenges in our lives are the universe's way of making us uncomfortable so we tap into our potential to find strength, resilience and solutions to overcome them.

Reflect on the storms of your life.

Did you become more stronger, resilient and resourceful?

And if you keep getting the same challenges over and over again then it's time to clear your blocks which are keeping you stuck in your life so you can step into your highest potential 🙌

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