Feelings are a compass of our TRUE state of being.

Our feelings are a compass of our TRUE state of being. We navigate through life’s pleasures and challenges based on how they make us feel. Our feelings have a huge spectrum from joy to pain, from negative to positive, from light to darkness.

How we feel about ourselves and our outer world is shaped by the emotional traumas and the conditioning given to us by our parent figures in our childhood. They become our core beliefs of our Self. We go through life either suppressing, avoiding or numbing our true feelings.

I went through years of emotional turmoil as I completely suppressed or denied my true feelings. I did not have the courage to express my feelings due to deep seated fear of rejection and abandonment. I had no self worth and very poor self esteem. I lived my life “people pleasing’” because I was desperate to be liked, loved and accepted.

Over the years my unprocessed feelings made me a very angry, bitter, jealous, insecure and resentful woman. I didn’t like what I had become.

I needed to heal and healing became possible when I took the courage to feel my traumas, pain and hurt. Bring them to my conscious awareness and clear them with Divine Healing.

I now live an empowered life of inner peace and heightened sense of well being and joy 💕

What we feel inside is how we live our life. If you don't like how you feel then begin the process of healing and changing

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