Fear is an innate survival instinct in humans

Fear is an innate survival instinct in humans. Fear activates flight or fight mode in us in life threatening situations and keeps us safe.

Then there are conditioned fears given to us by our parent figures and society. These fears are not ours. We have absorbed them externally and linked them to our survival in this world. These fears give us the negative emotions of poor self worth and self esteem causing us to feel anxiety, worry, frustration, self doubt and leave us powerless.

Growing up I did not feel worthy of love due to my upbringing and conditioning which gave me poor self worth. Some of the fears ingrained in me were…

I am not good enough

I am not capable enough

I am not clever enough

I will fail at everything

These fears kept me small, limited and stuck in life.

The more I healed my core wounds, the less fearful I became.

And when I healed and transmuted my core fears, magic happened…..💫💫

The universe showered me with blessings and I finally stepped into my life purpose to empower people with transformational healing

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