Choice is our Superpower

Choice is our Superpower. We are constantly choosing to be with people and choose situations in our lives.

We didn’t have a choice to choose where we were born, our parents and our upbringing.

These factors formed the basis of “Who we believe we are”, “Our Behaviour”, “Our Habits”,

“Our emotional triggers”, “Our repeating patterns”, “Our reactions to people and situations”.

They also form the basis of Our “Fears, Insecurities, Self Worth, Lack” giving rise to our negative emotions of “Anxiety, Frustration, Overwhelm, Sadness, Depression, Stress, Addictions”.

So the question you need to ask yourself is that “How long are you going to keep blaming

your parents or the people you have chosen to be in your life’.

Hence creating the same situations and repeating life challenges thus staying rooted in a victim mentality. Because it feels safe to blame others and not take responsibility for your own choices and actions.

You only have this life and you have the Power to choose and change your life 🙌

If you are ready for a change then I can help you to become an Empowered Woman making conscious choices to create the life you deserve

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