Are you willing to change?

You are constantly having an inner dialogue with yourself about how miserable and unhappy you are in your life. You are projecting your internal turmoil to your family, friends and colleagues hoping for them to feel sorry for you or rescue you.

You look at everyone around you living the life of their dreams with happiness and joy. You have labelled yourself a victim and blamed your misfortunes on your family and society. Your life is a spiral of self destructive patterns and behaviours.

Deep down you know you need to change but are you really willing to Change?

The first step to Change is the Willingness to change. The willingness to address our numbed out addictive behaviours and our suppressed or denied emotional traumas which are keeping you stuck in a victim mentality.

The next step is the need to get to the core cause of your issues, which takes Courage. Courage to feel into your deep seated raw emotional wounds causing you pain and discomfort in your everyday life.

Thus beginning the process of healing to live the life of your needs, dreams and desires.

But how many of us are willing to take the action to Change.

Most of us will continue to live life being angry at the world.....

It’s not the world that needs to change. It’s You that needs to change......

Or feeling sorry for ourselves....

Only You have the power to stop that .....

And a few of us will take the Courage to Heal and change the story of our life.

Healing is a choice

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