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Empowering you to let go of self-doubt and frustration,

and create more joy, and confidence in your life.


Hello I'm Gurleen, my passion is to help women in their healing journey towards personal empowerment.

I have been on my healing journey for over two decades, and I know from my journey how impactful personal transformation

can be.


I am devoted to guiding my clients through their own unique process to help them to create a life they truly deserve.

Are you ready to:


  • Reclaim your power

  • Unlock your potential

  • Feel deeply fulfilled​​

Healing is restoring balance, harmony and power to completely transform your life.

- Gurleen Kaur Ahgyaah Kohli

What people are saying...

Gurleen makes you feel at ease right away; her kind, gentle guidance helps you relax and allow the Divine Healing process take effect. Gurleen is a gifted healer. She is intuitive and an amazing Divine Healing channel! During each session we were able to peel away layers that needed healing and we were able to dig deeper and address issues that we identified through the DH process. Very powerful. I felt so relaxed and light after our sessions. - Coleen Smale 

What a beautiful healing! With Gurleen's Intuitive abilities and her desire to hold a warm and inviting space. My experience with her and the divine healing sessions was so impactful. I felt an immediate difference. Thank you Gurleen. - Connie Allsop

My experience through divine healing Gurleen was insightful, expansive and comforting. As an intuitive healer myself, I recognise the capacity to hold sacred space, and Gurleen holds such beautiful safe and sacred space to allow for the healing of subconscious ego patterns that were running my belief systems under the surface. I am so grateful to receive this healing experience with Gurleen. she is a very gifted healer. - Jen Mons

Beautiful, graceful, and powerful is how I would describe my healing session with Gurleen. she beautifully holds a safe space to heal deeply and miraculously. Gurleen is intuitive, patient, loving and kind. I'm so thankful she uses her gifts to help others. I would highly recommend working with Gurleen. - April Elias


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