Hello I'm Gurleen

My passion is to help women in their healing journey towards personal empowerment, self development and transformation.

I have been on my healing journey for over two decades. After years of suffering from recurring behavioural patterns and habits which were having a severe negative impact on my relationships, health and mental well being, I reached a point in my life where something had to change. 


I needed answers as to why my life was out of my control. 

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This naturally led me on a quest to understand why we suffer emotionally. Over time, I learned through personal experience that our emotional state is directly impacted by our subconscious mind.


Once I discovered, I intuitively knew that in order to transform into who I wanted to be, I had to heal the wounds that were embedded in my subconscious.  I explored numerous holistic therapies, healing modalities, read countless books on self development and met some amazing and inspiring spiritual teachers. 

My healing journey has led me to greater self awareness, self knowledge and spiritual self realisation.


However, something was still missing.


That was when my life was truly transformed when I received the gift of Soul Contract Reading and Divine Healing.

I was given a Spiritual map of my life with deep awareness and profound insights. I was empowered to overcome my past and present life challenges so I could move forward and manifest my Soul Purpose.


I accessed and released layers of negative patterns, hidden traumas and blocked emotions. I let go of my fears and insecurities which were keeping me stuck in my life. Through this, I discovered a greater connection to my authentic Self and tapped into my gifts of healing and intuition. 

I went on to train in these two powerful transformational modalities, I am now a certified divine healing and a soul contract practitioner. I am also a certified holistic health coach.

I now live an empowered life of inner peace with a heightened sense of well being and joy.


I know from my personal journey how impactful personal transformation can be. I am devoted to guiding my clients through their own unique process to restore physical, mental and spiritual balance, and to discover their true calling.

Gurleen Kaur Ahgyaah Kohli.

“Beautiful, graceful and powerful is how I would describe my healing session with Gurleen. She holds a safe and loving space to heal deeply, she is intuitive, patient and kind.

-” April Elias

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